I was asked to design a website for one of the best tanneries in Italy. They produce calf leathers that are delivered to top clients like Prada and Celine. But how to explain the difficult and far from glamorous process, while understanding how this industry can relate to sensitive subjects like sustainability and ecosystem?

I remember thinking clearly that I needed to do it on my own and do what I really wanted to show and to say. Declare the fascination of ancient craftsmanship in my own words and images, without interference from photographers and copy writers. The art of tannery is one of the most ancient crafts so, I was curious to understand what it was now.

I met the Valoris at the Milano Leather Fair, MIPEL, about one year ago, introduced by two professionals that were already working with the tannery. Most of the new business in Italy goes through word of mouth: you must be introduced. Therefore, you must be a good asset for your peers.


I retraced the exhisting logotype, proposing also a complete restyling and a simple claim that expresses the business and it’s easy to translate.

 The logotype, retraced. 

Bettanin shoes scarpe

The new logotype, yet to be published, with the new claim in Italian and English. Bettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpe


Taking pictures in a day finding beauty in the tanning process. It’s far from being glamorous and it took patience and curiosity to find the artistry in this ancestral, smelly business. I was determined in finding if love and respect for what was alive before was really present in this company. I discovered consciousness and tradition, the need to innovate and respect animals and environment: I couldn’t have done the project without finding these elements.

Bettanin shoes scarpeVALORI SAFFIANO.jpgBettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpeBettanin shoes scarpeVALORI STRUMENTI ANTICHI.jpg


Adding beauty and authority to the texts came easy, having a little collection of ancient books and fashion magazine. The ornaments on leather covers were the perfect liaison between the tannery and the texts.



I created this series of elements, photos, videos, graphics, branding and copywriting that combined created one of my best works in story telling.

Bettanin shoes scarpeVALORI page 2.jpg


I am incredibly grateful to the Valory Family, who trusted and treated for an artist (far from being it) and a professional, to Flavio Mancuso and Fausto Caletti who followed my progress, passing precious information on the tanning process, and to Marco Dal Molin, who edited the video footage.

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