Emperia Mall

This logo is a great idea, inspired by the old revolving doors Selfridges. Working with Dubai was easy from here. The result was outstanding, made…


Bravò è una boutique agency che crea strategie di marketing e comunicazione mirate del brand. Crea network di comunicazione efficaci, appassionati, di successo…

Artes Group International

Born in 1961, in Settimo Milanese, near Milano, Artes Group International builds perfect stands and is a perfect partner for…

Maestri Italiani

Maestri Italiani nasce dall’idea di proporre Calzoleria Artigianale Made in Italy su misura alla clientela giapponese: Scarpe firmate dal “Maestro” che le ha create. (Maestri Italiani, Tokyo)


GAL Carso is the Local Action Group of Karst: a development agency focused on supporting farming and tourism in the…

Antonino Valenti

Brand design. Complete redesign of the whole communication system, from trademark to packaging, from website to stand design. Creativity, tradition. Remarkable style and sophisticated newness.…


Italian Luxury Craftsmanship is a new company created by a group of entrepreneurs who share a passion for goods of superior quality.


Luxaviation is setting new benchmarks for service across all customer groups – jet owners, charter passengers and air charter brokers.


Ridisegnare uno dei marchi più importanti del Made In Italy, armonizzandone il carattere, modernizzandolo senza dimenticare le origini.

Mariano Di Vaio Jewels

MDV Jewels is a complete line of jewellery in 925 sterling silver, whose materials are used pure or aged and enriched with precious stones.

Sardinia Medical Transport

A good example of reasoning in branding: straightforward concept, simplicity of lines, strong colors:
The Sardinia Medical Transport Brand.